Friday, January 29, 2010

December 2009 budget update

Robertsport Community Campsite
Ben's salary for campsite groundskeeping $15

We won't know about our income for December until Alfred returns to Robertsport. So, for now, we're showing a loss on the campsite that we believe is temporary.

Sub-total -$15

Women's Sewing Co-op
Fee to participate in the U.S. Embassy Craft Fair $10
Bendu's travel and bonus for running the Co-op stall at the Craft Fair $30

Bag sales at the craft fair (10% project fee) $38
Other bag sales (10% project fee) $18

Sub-total $16

We've only been publishing the 10% income we receive from Co-op project sales that goes to Robertsport Community Works as a project fee. This 10% helps to supplement RCW's finances if we're running project deficits and, if there is a surplus, goes into the Community Fund as seed money for other microenterprise projects.

In addition to publishing the organization's income, we're going to start reporting how much money, monthly, Co-op members are earning through their work. This better shows project impact and starts to communicate the effect the Co-op is having on the lives of women and their families. We'd like to determine the income RCW projects generate for the community each month. This is our first step towards doing so.

Co-op earnings from bags sold in December 2009 $315

Fundraising t-shirts
Income from Surf Liberia shirts $52
Income from Cotton Tree shirts for RCW environmental programs $8
Money raised for ARC safehouses for survivors of gender-based violence $18

Project Summary
Robertsport Community Campsite -$15
Women's Sewing Co-op $16
Community Fund total for December 2009 $1

Project funds for Surf Liberia $52
Project funds for environmental programs $8

Budget Summary
Community Fund as of November 2009: -$510
Community Fund as of December 2009: -$509

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