Friday, April 9, 2010

March 2010 budget update

Thanks to a generous order from a US conference, I believe this is the first month we're in the green! Hurrah! Now we can start allocating money to developing our Eco-Tourism Walks and a new conservation project I'll just keep secret for now...

We'll also be able to set money aside so that our Campsite Staff will continue to be employed through rainy season, when income will slow down substantially. Needless to say, Wallace and T-Boy are thrilled about this.

Robertsport Community Campsite

Campsite fees and tent rental $245

Salary for campsite staff $130
New hammocks $30
Benjamin making another bench $15
Kerosene for campsite lanterns $10

Expenditure sub-total $185

Campsite sub-total $60

Women's Sewing Co-op

15% project fee from sales of Co-op products $551

Co-op sub-total $551

The African T-Shirt Company Fundraising


Profit from Surf Liberia t-shirts $36
Profit from Cotton Tree t-shirts for conservation projects $22

Eco-Tourism Walks

$250 donation from the winning team at Quiz Night February 2010 (thank you!)

Project Summary

Robertsport Community Campsite $60
Women's Sewing Co-op $551
Surf Liberia Scholarship $36
Conservation projects $272
Total $919

Budget Summary
Community Fund as of February 2010 -$199.40
Community Fund as of March 2010 $719.60

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