Wednesday, May 19, 2010

April 2010 budget update

We've started a new project this month, one that works with the community to protect sea turtles. Young men will work on a community eco-tourism project that I'll write about in my next post. For now, here is our budget with project updates, as relevant.

Robertsport Community Campsite

In April, Wallace and T-Boy (aka Prince) were running the campsite. It made $325 in campsite fees and tent rental, but $40 of that was stolen.

Campsite fees and tent rental $285

Campsite staff salaries $140
RCW Community Campsite staff rain jackets (2) $30
New campsite bench $15
Thatch for the bathroom $10
Kerosene lanterns $10
Kerosene for the lanterns $10
Campsite staff t-shirts (2) $10

Campsite sub-total $60

Women's Sewing Co-op

After March's big order, the Co-op took a month to work slowly through a batch of lapa. We'll have the new bags on the website and at Tides starting next week. The team leaders will be selling at the U.S. Embassy Craft Fair next Friday, May 28, at the Public Affairs Office and have their very own booth. We're also looking into a major new product that would make a Liberian tradition in lapa style...I'll tell you soon.

10% of Co-op products' profits to RCW Community Fund $6

Co-op sub-total $6

Surf Liberia Mentorship Program

Surf Liberia t-shirt sales $40

Surf Liberia sub-total $40

African Women = Power t-shirts: $45 to the ARC's Survivors' Fund
Surf Liberia Mentorship Program: $40 to sponsored/mentored surfers

Project Summary
Robertsport Community Campsite $60
Women's Sewing Co-op $6
Total $66

Budget Summary
Community Fund as of March 2010 $719.60
Community Fund as of April 2010 $785.60

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