Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June 2010 budget update

I know I should be better at posting what we're up to organizationally on here, and I promise to make more of an effort. You'll see. Coming this month: the challenges of sea turtle rescue, the successes of the Women's Sewing Co-op, and how we're adapting our surf mentoring program to better suit the needs of local surfers.

Thanks to a visiting Australian surfer who is helping get our Water Safety programs started and who stayed at the campsite for a bit (until he wisely decided that in the depth of rainy season, sometimes a roof and bed bed offered by the American women who run a youth program is better than a tent). His campsite fees and tent rental will ensure that our Campsite Manager and his back-up have their salaries paid through rainy season.

Also, a *huge* thanks to the EBD Group, who are purchasing 1,000 bags wholesale from the Women's Sewing Co-op for one of their conferences. More about this in another post, but let's just say that they've made an incredible impact in the Robertsport community and the lives of the women in the Co-op.

Here's the budget low-down for June 2010:

Robertsport Community Campsite

Campsite and tent rental +$255

Wallace severance pay -$40*
Kerosene for lanterns -$15

*We had to let former campsite staff Wallace go, as he was showing up for work in a less-than-ideal condition. We will miss his kind face and hard work, and hope to see him at future beach clean-ups and in the community...

Sub-total $200

Women's Sewing Co-op

Community Fund profits from bag sales (14 bags) $14

Sea Turtle Rescue

June salary for Project Leader -$40

Surf Liberia Mentoring Program
Surf Liberia t-shirts profits (13 shirts) +$117

Project Summary
Community Campsite $200
Women's Sewing Co-op $14
Sea Turtle Rescue -$40
Sub-total $174

Budget Summary
Surf Liberia Mentorship as of 2010 $177
Community Fund as of May 2010 $665.10
Community Fund as of June 2010 $839.10

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