Monday, September 27, 2010

August/September 2010 budget update

We went on holiday in August, so are combining our budget update for the rainy season/summer months.

Robertsport Community Campsite

Campsite fees and tent rental: $80

Campsite staff salaries (Aug/Sept): $220

Sub-total: -$140

Women's Sewing Co-op

10% from product sales to Community Fund: $6.00

Sub-total: $6.00

Sea Turtle Rescue Project

August salary to project leader (end of 3-month pilot): $50.00

Sub-total: -$50.00

Community Fund

Loan to Miriama: $350.00
Loan to Sam Brown: $450.00
Work permits: $700.00

Sub-total: -$1,500.00

Project Summary

Robertsport Community Campsite: -$140
Women's Sewing C0-op: $6.00
Sea Turtle Rescue project: -$50.00
Community Fund: -$1,500.00

Sub-total: -$1,684.00

Budget Summary

Surf Liberia Mentorship as of Aug/Sept 2010: $195.00
Community Fund as of July 2010: $1,777.10
Community Fund as of August/September 2010: $93.10

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