Saturday, November 20, 2010

October 2010 budget update

October was a busy month at Robertsport Community Works. Dry season is upon us, which means the campsite is seeing a return of visitors eager to spend the weekend in Robertsport. We also held our 2nd Annual Surf Liberia Contest on October 24. Surf Liberia raises money for the Surf Liberia Mentoring Program--more specifically, for the university and technical school scholarships we provide for surfers who graduate from high school.

Here's the update!

Surf Liberia

The annual event for the Surf Liberia Mentoring Program, the Annual Surf Liberia Contest, was held in October. We're still waiting for two sponsors' donations to come in--fingers crossed--so that we can be 100% even on this, as planned...

Registration fee for surf contest: $100
Sponsor donation: $100

Contest t-shirts: $300
Clean-up crew ($5 for the day to young men in the community): $40
Clean the Beach t-shirts for the clean-up crew: $48

Sub-total $-188

Robertsport Community Campsite

Campsite fees and tent rental: $260

Thatch for the shower and bathrooms: $20
Rake: $5
Kerosene for the lanterns: $10
Staff salaries: $130
Coal pot, receipt book and shower repair: $40

Sub-total $20

Sea Turtle Rescue

Rescue of two yellowbill sea turtles: $20

Sub-total -$20

Community Beach Clean-up

Volunteer meal for monthly beach clean-up: $30

Sub-total -$30

Community Fund Loans
Ansu $120
Sub-total of Community Fund in active loans: -$120

Project Summary
Surf Liberia -$188

Robertsport Community Campsite $20
Sea Turtle Rescue -$20
Community Beach Clean-up -$30
Communty Fund -$120

Budget Summary

Surf Liberia Mentorship as of October 2010: $7.00
Community Fund as of August/September 2010: $93.10
Community Fund as of October 2010: -$56.90

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