Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Liberia declared a "surfing nation" by the ISA

Image courtesy of Sean Brody/Surf Resource Network
More than a decade after wartime aid workers left surfboards with a few eager young men in Robertsport, Liberia has been declared a "surfing nation" by the International Surfing Association. This official designation means that Liberian surfers are now eligible for ISA support, including contest support and scholarships, through the association's wide network.

Our thanks to partner Surf Resource Network for helping to make this longstanding dream a reality. We are certain that this important step will benefit Liberian surfers as they promote the sport and as they seek out wider recognition in the region. This official designation will also raise the profile of surfing in Liberia and further attract surf tourists interested in sustainable tourism that directly benefits the local community.

At Robertsport Community Works, we have been mentoring and supporting local Liberian surfers since 2009 by co-organizing the annual Surf Liberia Contest, helping to connect surfboard and gear donations to surfers in need, and mentoring surfers to finish secondary school and move on to university or vocational training.

Congratulations to all Liberian surfers and to those working hard to raise the profile of surfing in Liberia!

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