Monday, August 17, 2009

Promoters of Good Health

Robertsport Community Works has been looking for a way to support small scale agriculture in the uptown region of Robertsport. Thanks to the friendship and generosity of Simon, an Agricultural Specialist from Germany, we have begun taking steps in this direction.

Simon spent several hours in a group discussion with nearly a dozen members of the Promoters of Good Health, using the sand floor as his blackboard and topographical map. After assessing their agricultural situation and gauging their level of experience along with the complexity of their farming techniques, Simon began a detailed explanation of local crop rotation, composting and the repurposing of human waste for fertilizer.

Members of the Promoters of Good Health expressed great enthusiasm in implementing Simon's suggestions and are hoping for some pamphlets and written materials to help them recall the most pertinent lessons of the workshop. If Simon's core messages are adopted, it should have a positive impact on the cleanliness and good appearance of Robertsport as well--since he stressed community hygiene and spoke against burning felled trees and brush debris.

More on this as it develops.

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  1. This is great news. With such fertile soil and good rainfall that entire area could be exeptionally productive. We are learning about permaculture design principles here, perhaps similar to what Simon was talking about: composting everything, using (rather than burning) the leaves and other biomass, working with shade, using grey water, harvesting rainwater. Composting toilets etc. I could link you guys up with the international permaculture network perhaps, and get volunteer designers and practitioners to come for prolongued work visits. Good luck and keep it up. THis is rapidly becoming my favourite site