Friday, August 14, 2009

Surf Liberia Scholarship Fund

Our Surf Liberia shirts are in production, with the profits going towards a surf scholarship program for Liberian surfers. We intend to continue Surf Liberia fundraising with t-shirt, rashguards, stickers and an annual surf competition.

At the moment, we’re raising money for school fees and associated costs for Benjamin McCrumuda, Alfred Lomax and Peter Swen, but all sponsorship will be annual and based on merit, so we hope to expand the pool in the future as well as bring in corporate sponsors to supplement our costs.

Sponsorship will include surfer scholarships, equipment and career mentorship, with the surfers contributing to their school fees through surfing lessons, branded boards and rashguards, and community service.

All shirts are $10, not inclusive of shipping and handling. Profits go 100% to the Scholarship Fund. We have women's shirts in assorted colors, styles and sizes and men's white t-shirts in Medium, Large and X-Large. We ship around the world and take PayPal.

Email to order shirts and support our Surf Liberia Scholarship Fund!

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