Wednesday, February 17, 2010

January 2010 budget update

Robertsport Community Campsite
Campsite fees and tent rental $150

We'll be disaggregating campsite fees and tent rental next month, just to keep things clear.

2 campsite IDs for campsite staff $10
2 branded and silk-screened T-shirts for campsite staff $10
3 kerosene lanterns $10
Kerosene for the lanterns $9
Campsite staff salaries $120

Sub-total $30

Women's Sewing Co-op
10% from sale of hand bags $8
10% from sale of beach bags and yoga mat bags $22.50

Co-op bag tags $6

Sub-total $24.50

Project Summary
Robertsport Community Campsite $30.00
Women's Sewing Co-op $24.50

Budget Summary
Community Fund as of December 2009 -$509
Community Fund as of January 2010 -$454.50

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