Friday, May 28, 2010

The Co-op doesn't need me

Just a quick Friday afternoon post after coming back from the U.S. Embassy Craft fair, where the Women's Sewing Co-op had their own booth, as you can see. I was taking pictures and getting in the way, so I left them with their display and am picking them up to serve them fish sticks at 5:00.
I'm hoping either Matilda, who you see at the display above, or Jenneh, who is posing below, will want to start running more sales and marketing outreach for the Co-op. They're getting transport money, a Monrovia per diem and 10% of today's sales. They're very serious and keen!
Check out our stuff at The African T-Shirt Company if you can't stop by our new merchandise corner at Tides. I'll be posting stories on the amazing Liberian artists at the Crafts Fair on my personal blog, Anonymous Country. See you there!

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