Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May 2010 budget update

It's only June 2nd and I'm publishing our budget update for May. Quite happy with myself for that... Here you are!

Robertsport Community Campsite

Campsite fees and tent rental $120

New platform for pit latrine
- Materials $40
- Transporting materials to Robertsport $30
- Workmanship $25
Kerosene $10
Salary Campsite Manager $70
Salary Campsite Staff $40 (half month)

Campsite sub-total -$95

Women's Sewing Co-op

3 bags sold $4.50

Co-op sub-total $4.50

Sea Turtle Rescue
Check out the link to our new project!

$10 advance on salary for Project Leader ($50 salary total per month)
$20 for sea turtle and sea turtle egg rescue

Sea Turtle Rescue sub-total -$30

Project Summary
Robertsport Community Campsite -$95
Women's Sewing Co-op $4.50
Sea Turtle Rescue -$30

Project sub-total -$120.50

Budget Summary

Community Fund as of April 2010 $785.60
Community Fund as of May 2010 $665.10

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