Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 2010 buget update

Here it is, short and sweet, with a little bit of commentary thrown in where I couldn't help myself.

Robertsport Community Campsite
We're going to need to buy new tents for rainy season. The wear and tear from the sun and sand corrodes the tent poles until their elastic snaps and the poles start to rust. We're working on a marifa fix for this (Swahili for 'making something work with what you've got'), which I'll blog about when we get there. The idea being: prolong the life of the existing tents as long as possible and keep an eye out for cheap tents to purchase.

Tent rental and campsite fees: +$330

Campsite staff salaries: -$130
Brushing behind the cotton tree to expand where we can set up tents: -$40
New thatch for the shower: -$10
Kerosene for lanterns: -$20

Sub-total: +$130

Women's Sewing Co-op
We had a massive bulk order from a conference group in the States. Ten percent of product sales go to the Community Fund--a pool for seed money for new projects and loans to community members for their small businesses. You'll see that reflected below.

We also hired a Project Manager! This piece of information is so exciting, it will need it's own post.

Community fund 10% of sales: +$1,000 (!)

Baseline salary (before commission) for Project Manager: -$40

Sub-total: $960

Sea Turtle Rescue

This project is in its 3rd month of pilot currently and we'll be writing up what we've learned--as well as whether we'll continue--when we receive and compile monthly project reports from the Project Leader

Salary (July): -$50

Sub-total: -$50

Community Beach Clean-up

Because of a simple communications issue that we're following up on, we haven't been getting the money to feed our cleanup volunteers from our partner, which means that we've been covering this cost for the last 3 months. We're on this...

4 months of food money for volunteers: -$120

Sub-total: -$120

Surf Liberia Mentoring Program

T-shirt sales: +$18

Sub-total: +$18

Project Summary
Robertsport Community Campsite: +$130
Women's Sewing Co-op: +$960
Sea Turtle Rescue: -$50
Community Beach Clean-up: -$120
Surf Liberia Mentoring: +$18
Total: +$938

Budget Summary
Surf Liberia Mentorship as of July 2010: $195
Community Fund as of June 2010: $839.10
Community Fund as of July 2010: $1,777.10

We have almost $2,000 to use for programming and loans this program cycle! Stay tuned for our plans.

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  1. Hi Nathan,

    This is Karl Wurster. Sean Blaschke and I were PCVs in The Gambia together. I'm sure we met during that time. I stumbled across your blog via Sean's. Too bad I didn't see it earlier since I spent a week in Liberia a couple months ago. If you all are looking for funding for either the Sea turtle or eco-tourism project you should contact the Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation fund ( They gave me a grant for my research in Senegal a couple years back and were very easy to work with. Good luck!