Monday, April 18, 2011

Budget updates for November/December 2010

Yes, these are late! We had a tumultuous start to 2011, and these updates fell by the wayside to be restarted 

Thanks for bearing with us. Project updates included.

Surf Liberia

Because of events beyond our control that disrupted where and how we store our inventory, we've put The African T-Shirt Company on hold as it transitions to local project leadership. That means, unfortunately, that sales of Surf Liberia t-shirts are also on hold. Lucky for us, the Community Fund is a doing well and this temporary pause will not disrupt our sponsorship of local surfers.

We hope to see The African T-Shirt Company and Surf Liberia t-shirt sales back up and running in a few months, 100% Liberian run.

Robertsport Community Campsite


Campsite fees and tent rental: $275


Staff salaries (Nov/Dec): $260
Rake: $10

Sub-total: -$5

Sea Turtle Rescue

We have yet to start official fund-raising for this project, but pay for rescued turtles on an ad-hoc basis out of the Community Fund. So far, we've saved five! The turtles show up in a wheelbarrow and we carry them, flapping vigorously the closer they get to the ocean, until about 10 meters from the shore. They pull themselves the rest of the way, gaining visible strength as they reach the ocean. The waves surge over them, and they disappear, hopefully never to be seen again!

If you'd like to donate specifically to this project, please email me!


Two adult yellow-bill sea turtles: $20
A hutch of 100 leatherback sea turtle eggs, which sadly didn't hatch although we followed all the directions: $10
Sub-total: -$30

Community Beach Clean-up

We've collected over 2,000 pounds of marine debris in less than two years and this project is going strong. Miriama, who's been cooking the volunteers' meals as a thank-you for their good work, is taking over project leadership in the coming months.


Volunteer meals (Nov/Dec): $60

Sub-total: -$60 

Mama Liberia Sewing Co-op

We are working on a very large bag order that will bring in much-needed money to the Community Fund, so stay tuned for our next budget update, when all will be well!

Robertsport Community Campsite: -$5.00
Sea Turtle Rescue: -$30.00
Community Beach Cleanup: -$60.00
Sub-total: -$95
Community Fund as of October 2010: -$56.90
Community Fund as of December 2010: -$151.90

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