Monday, April 18, 2011

RCW budget: January - March, 2011

Here is the first of our now-quarterly budget updates. As we transition our projects to community ownership this year, we will do our best to keep them as accurate as possible. 

Robertsport Community Campsite
Income from campsite fees and tent rental (Jan: $310.00, Feb: $60.00, March: $130.00): $500
Expenditure on staff salaries ($130 for two staff per month): $390.00
Campsite sub-total: $110.00
Mama Liberia Sewing Co-op
Thanks to a big order from the EBD Group, you'll see our Community Fund grows nicely this quarter. Because of their order--and the way we've set up RCW projects to grow the Community Fund--we now have project money for beach cleanup, sea turtle rescue and other cool stuff the community might want to try their hand at (not to mention we'll be able to give out some more small business loans)...
Community Fund tithe from Mama Liberia Sewing Co-op $3,000.00

It's been a quiet quarter, as we've been focusing on running a tight ship on our existing projects so that they can become 100% community-led. We've been an NGO in Liberia for almost two years, so it's time for our starter projects to stand on their own.

Project summary
Robertsport Community Campsite: $110.00
Mama Liberia tithe to Community Fund: $3,000.00
Community Fund as of December 2010: -$151.90
Community Fund as of March 2011: $2,958.10

Glad to be back in the green!

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